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23 December 2005 @ 09:20 pm
Post me a comment. Then I'll tell you...
1. something random about you.
2. what movie or song you remind me of.
3. something we should do together.
4. something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. what my first clear memory of you was.
6. a quote appropriate for you.
7. something i have always wondered about you.
10 December 2005 @ 10:18 am

Yesterday was Samantha's birthday, so Samantha, Sarah, Amanda, and I went out to lunch. It was pretty cool. Then we went back to Samantha's house and had cake, and gave her a makeover, lol.
Then we had to wash my hair because of this crazy "intense hold" gel Samantha decided to put in my hair.

Last night was Alicia's Sweet Sixteenth, so Sarah and I went to her party, where we met up with Brynne and Lindsay.
It was pretty fun.
She had personalized M&M's, too cool.

Then tonight is Sarah's murder mystery party, which should be fun!

Tomorrow I'll have to have like a massive posting of Samantha's/Alicia's/Sarah's party picturessss.

02 December 2005 @ 02:46 pm
So everything's been pretty cool lately.

I didn't have to do my dialouge in French yesterday!
I don't like my seat though.
Because, I've sat there all year.

I want to do something this weekend. I have a bunch of stuff to do next weekend, but this weekend is lacking in the plans department.
Maybe Starbucks tomorrow afternoon or the movies?

Santa Baby is coming together.
It should be pretty cool.
The concert is on Tuesday, everyone should come!

I completely forgot to watch The OC last night.
This movie was on ABC about the pope, and I completely forgot about The OC.
The movie was depressing. Or, the part I saw was.

I am so watching that special for history on Sunday night. Worddddd.
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26 November 2005 @ 11:08 am
Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was pretty good.
We went to my grandparent's around noon.
We hung around and ate some crackers and stuff waiting for everyone to get there.
My sister was chasing me around, and I accidentally shoved my hand into this picture frame, and it shattered.
So that was fun.
Not really.
Then, I helped my grandma set the table.
She decided we should sculpt the butter to look like a turkey.
It actually turned out pretty well.
We got late birthday presents from my uncle.
I got a DVD, a book, and a shirt. I actually already had the shirt, but the DVD and book are cool.
My sister got a video poker came to play on the TV. We played that some.
Then everyone else got there, and we ate.
All the food was pretty good.
And I got Bruster's ice cream for dessert, yessss.
We took a walk.
Then we just sat around. I made up new ringtones for my cell.
Then yesterday, we put up the Christmas tree and put up some Christmas decorations.
Then we went out to dinner, to the mall to do some shopping, and to Starbucks.

Doing some homework todayyyyy.
23 November 2005 @ 03:34 pm
I haven't updated in a while.....
Yeah, so today was a half day.
And it was pretty cool, I guess.
School was fine.
Nothing exciting.
After school, I went out to lunch with Sarah and Samantha.
We went tot he mall. It was pretty fun. We tried on boots and looked at a bunch of calendars.

Tomorrow if Thanksgiving.
And that's exciting.
I love the parade.
I don't get why we have to eat Thanksgiving dinner in the midafternoon, at like three.
Because, then, it's not really dinner. It's not lunch either.
And I ger really hungry by three.
Because basically all I eat beforehand is toast, or some other variation of breakfast, to save room for Thanksgiving dinner.
Wow, I am so weird.

Tonight, my sister is going to see Harry Potter, so my mom and I are probably going to see a movie too. Or, whoever else wants to come with me.
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28 October 2005 @ 04:08 pm
So todayyyy.

I so dominated on my quiz in Advanced English today,, haha.

& I didn't have to do my dialouge in French class either.

I want to go to Chickfila and Starbucks sometime this weekend.

My aunt&uncle sent me a Halloween card today, with a dollar in it.
It's a pretty cute card though. I like it. :)

So yeah. Maybe I'll rent a movie or something tonight. That, or just borrow my sister's Gilmore Girls Season 3 DVD's and watch them and What Not to Wear.

I need to write my Cinderlla story sometime this weekend too.

I'm supposed to go to choir practice, to practice for our Christmas program, at 9am tomorow.
That's definately not going to be happening.

I'm so glad it's finally cold. I want to go outside and rake leaves. Too bad we don't have any in our yard.

My leather jacket broke today. One of the buttons came off. I was sad. That jacket is so comfy. There's another one in my closet though, so I'll just wear that one.

Hopefully, my grandparents will come over and we can go out to dinner with them sometime this weekend.

I got a new layout. Who loves it, besides me? Haha.

&&& I'm pretty hungry, so I'm going to go downstairs and eat.
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27 October 2005 @ 02:20 pm
Hmmm, yeah.
Today was stupid.
In Algebra Ii, we reviewed.
And did some work. I chatted with Annieeeeee.
Then in Advanced English, we got this new writing assignment.
We're all writing our own versions of Cinderella.
I want to write about gangsta Cinderella, haha.
Not really.
Then we went to the lab, and worked on our packets, which my group had already finished, yay for us.
So the teacher asked us to look up some stuff.
Then I had lunch. Mr. Buttons, haha.
AP European was good today, because we took notes.
I love taking notes.
Actually, I don't really, but they help me study, so yeah.
Thennn we got with our friends and did this chart.
Oh wait, I don't HAVE any friends in that class.
So yeahh, I worked by myself, which was ok, because I had some extra time, and read some of my book for English.
Then in Chemistry, we took a quiz, which I probably did awfully on. Our student teacher taught last class, and I didn't understand any of what she said.
Then I found out I got a 65 on my test.
I'm beyond mad.
I'm going to have like a D in that class.
I never get D's.

I need some chocolate.
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26 October 2005 @ 04:53 pm
Welllll, today was pretttty boring.

Driver's Ed was uneventufl. A whole bunch of people wre napping. And yeahh, it was pretty boring today.

Advanced English was cool today. We went to the computer lab, and we got into groups again. Clare and Amanda are in my group. Our teacherr gave us a country, and we had to read a story from that country. Ours was so funny! It was like 5 pages long, and the main character died like twice and kept coming back to life. It was so weird.

Chorus was okay too. We sang some Christmas songs. Thennnn we worked on music for our district auditions coming up next month.

French was aussi uneventful. We got a grade summary, I have a B. Then we did Le Grande Circle. I didn't have to go todayyy.

I have to read a bunch of this book for English. And it's pretty boring right now, but everyone who's read it keeps saying it's good, so hopefully it'll turn out to be.

Top Model tonight. I love that show, it's so good.

I was watching "Gilmore Girls" last night, and I saw the preview for One Tree Hill, and there was this song in the background, and I'm sure I've heard it before, but I can't remember the name of it or band who sings it. Anyway, it was really good, and it's bugging me now.

Ummm, yeahh, I got attacked by a spider this morning.
Well, not really, but it was like crawling all over me and I was screaming.
It was a near death experience.
Not really.

But it was 5:30 am, so I was a little out of it, and it seemed really freaky then, but though now it seems stupid.

Andddd yeah. This kid brought a picture of Clare, Samanthaa, Sarah, and me that he took at homecoming, to me at lunch today. I showed Chelsea in French, because it was a really good picture. Monsieur saw it and was like "Tres chic." Anyway, yeah, I'll send it to you Sarah, and whoever else wants it.
I'm feeling...: contentjust fine.
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23 October 2005 @ 11:16 am
So Friday night, Samantha and I went to the game. And it was cold. But fun.

Then yesterday was homecoming! It was tres fun. Samantha and Sarah and I were going to go to Bennigans, but it was super crowded and ended up going to Chickfila at the Colliseum mall. Then we just drove around for awhile. We went down Crawford Road and Katherine stopped the car under the bridge. OMG, so freaky, haha.

So then we went to the dance and it was really fun, even though I didn't really dance, haha.

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21 October 2005 @ 02:47 pm
So today was pretttty fun.

We just chilledddddd in Algebra II. We got our tests back and I got a 91. Then we just did some work and stuff.
Then in Advanced English, we went to see this speaker in the kiva. It was tres cool. Mrs. Flaherty Nobile gave us extra credit for going, so that's super.
In l'histoire, we went over our vocab. We were talking about transubstantiation, and how the bread and wine turn into the body and blood of Jesus, and I was like "Well, doesn't Jesus ever run out of skin?" Mr. Stpehenson was like laughing hysterically, and he was like "I have to write that down." I was like "Um, ok." Then he was telling me about Mr. Harris and hair and stuff. Yeahh. We also took some notes on Martin Luther.
Then in Chemistry, we didn't do anything really. We finished up our tests, and then we went to the pep rally. It was pretty fun. I'm not that spirited. I should probably get more spirited or something, but whatever.

I'm going to the game tonight, if it doesn't get rained out. Then tomorrow, Sarahhh and I have to do Samantha's hair&makeup sometime.
Thennnn we're going to dinner at Olive Garden with Annie, Alison, and Haley. We're leaving at like 4:30.
Then the dance.

So, this should be a really fun weekend!
19 October 2005 @ 02:59 pm
Todayyyyyyyyy was cool.

I was soooo spirited today, haha.

In Algebra II, we took a test and stuffff.
Then in Advanced English, a bunch of people weren't there because of band. My teacher was like "Woooooooo!" when I walked in. I thought she was screaming at me. I was like "What?" and she said "I love your outfit." I was like "Oh ok, cool." Scared me there, for a second. We went over stuff and reviewed for the test tomorrow. I had to go down to the most spirited thing. I just basically stood there for like 10 minutes and talked with Jackie and Alicia.
At lunch, I sat with Nicole and Chelsea. We went to go get our homecoming tickets, but there was a super long line, and then the bell rang, so yeahh. I'll have to get mine tomorrow.
Then in AP Euro, Mr. Stephenson talked to us for a while. The we took some notes.
In Chemistry, we reviewed. Then took the test.

Yeahh, so tomorrow, I'm not going to be spirited, because I don't have a partner to dress up with. So maybe I'll just be a famous person. Yeahh, I don't really know.

I found this online. I think it's so funny.
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16 October 2005 @ 10:44 am
Yesterdayyy was cool.

Mommy and I went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Then we came home, chilled, and had lunch.
Then laterr we went shopping. I tried on a bunch of lounge pants, but I didn't find any I really liked.
I got a wayyyyy cool hat that I'm probably going to wear for country day, even thought that's the stupidest spirit day everr. But it was like 3 bucks, so I had to get it.

Today= beaucoup les devoirs
15 October 2005 @ 09:06 am
So yeah.

Not too much has been giong on.

Last night, my mom and I took my sister to the airport and went and had dinner at MacArthur. That was fun. :)

We also spent like 34834816346823176 hours in Forever 21, and I was super mad, because after trying 31567896198756 things on, I ended up not buying anything.

Then we went to Starbucks.

I have a bunch of homework this weekend. So much AP Euro stuffff.

I'm going to Target today. I haven't been there in forever. Also, possibly the mall? I want to get some comofy lounge pants, because yeah. I don't have any.

Anddddd I'm really hungry, so I'm going to eat.

Au reviou.
12 October 2005 @ 04:58 pm
We took the PTSAs. And they were very stressful.
Thennn chorus, we just sang and stuff.
In French, we had a sub and took the test.
And it was a pretty boring day.

We got interims today. Mine weren't bad at all. :)

Advanced English- A. And who did Mr. Marquis only reccomend for Advanced English on a "trial basis?" That would be moi.
AP Euro- Um yeah, I didn't have a grade on my interim for some reason...? Anyway, I went to find out why after school, but it was taking forever and I was going to miss my bus, so I'll just have to find out tomorrow...But on the comments, I got "Enjoyable to have in class." Since when? I don't say anything.
Algebra II- B
Chorus- A
Driver's Ed- My first ever A from Ms. Doty. I was so excited.
Chemistry- C. Chemistry was so hard the first chapter! But it's def. giong to be going up, because what we're doing right now is pretty easssy. And I got "Contributes to class."
French III- A. This grade will so definately be going down.

And yeah that's it.

My GPA for this year so far is a 3.57. Yessssss.
And I calculated it with last years and it's like a 3.3 or 3.4. I wasn't sure how to work in my math class, because there were like 2 parts....? So I did it with both which is like a 3.34...and without the first which is a 3.4. Yeahh.

I am such a nerddddd.
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11 October 2005 @ 02:55 pm
Today was pretty boring. We went over some stuff in ALgebra II. I have a B in there. Yeah.
Then in Advanced English, we went to get our picturessss taken. Then we went back to class and read some story.
In AP Euro, we read this thing, and went over some stufffffff.
And then in Chemistry, we did a lab.

And wow, my day was boring.
I'm going to go.........watch TV or something.
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10 October 2005 @ 02:49 pm
Today was pretty boring.

And nothing really funny/cool/worth writing about happened.

Except for the PTSA's. Haha, that was so funny.

And yeahh.

I'm so going to go take a nap.

And this entry was freaking pointless.
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09 October 2005 @ 05:22 pm
Today was pretty cool.

We went to church, and then we went to Wendys with my some of my mom's friends.
Then we went home, I got changed, and I went to Sarahhs. We worked on the AP history packet. Then we called Samantha, and worked on it some more. We took a break and made cookies. They were wayy good. Then we went to Samantha's house and I cleaned her room, haha. Sarah and I did Smantha's hair&makeup, and oh.my.gosh., it looked so good! Seriously. So we are most definately doing her hair and makeup for homecoming.

I need to go and finish the AP Euro packet and do some French homework.

So I'm going to go put on some sweats, fini mes devoirs, and then have dinner and go to choirrrr.
08 October 2005 @ 05:26 pm
So yesterday after school was really boring. I was online for like 385173981275 hours. I had dinner. Then watched the What Not To Wear Wannabe special. It was pretty cool, I guess.

Then today, I got up, did my hairrrr....chilled. I had lunch. Then watched some of How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days.

Then I went to the mall with my dearest Anne-Marie. It was tres fun. I got a pretty navy blue sweater. It's super comfy. I also got some really cool blue&green earrings. Also, I found some pink pearl earrings for homecoming.

And yeahhhhhhh. Tonight, my mom wants me to go to this concert at Doug's church with her and her friend. I don't think I'm going to go.

Then tomorrow, I'm going to Sarahhhhs.

Annie was telling me about the "volleyball warm-up" cd, and it made me want to listen to The Black Eyed Peas.

I really need to get started on my Driver's Ed project.
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07 October 2005 @ 01:48 pm
So today was a half dayyyyyyyyyy.

In Algebra II, we took a test. It wasn't too bad. After I was finished and bored, I passed a note with Annie, who was doing DBQ's for history. Then in Advanced English, pretty much all of our class went to clubs&whatnot so it was just Amanda, Sarita, me, and a couple of other people in class. So I chatted witih Amanda and Sarita, and we complained. Haha. Mr. Wood is going to be our sub all next week. Tres cool. I gave Mrs. Flaherty Nobile a hug because she's not going to be there for a week. I told her I want to join newspaper next year, and she said that would be cool, because they're going to need more juniors. Then I went to AP Euro, and we were in there for like 5 minutes, and then we had to go to the PSAT assembly. And it was boring, because I couldn't read the forms, and therefore didn't have to fill it out. Then went back to class for like 15 mintues and made this Ven Diagram. Then I went to Chemistry, and did the most boring activity everr. We have lab on Tuesday, sooooo I'll have to remember to bring tennies.

Todayyyyyyyyyy I'm probably going to le match de foot avec Samantha. Then tomorrow, Annieeeeeeeeee and I are going shopping. We want to get some cool stuff for homecoming.

& I totally forgot that we have a Driver's Ed project due Monday...
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